Great Lakes & Atlantic

Wealth Management & Advisory Partners, LLC.

Registered Investment Advisor | RIA

Advisor Independence

More Advisors are seeking Independence than ever before,  with differing expectations for platform models that have challenged the standard Indy firm structures. GL&A has met that opportunity by creating a flexible platform offering Advisor Partner, Advisor Affiliate, and Succession/Acquisition Affiliate options. Great Lakes & Atlantic has the right RIA solution for you and your team.

Charlotte Registered Investment Advisor | RIA

Your Partner For Growth

Great Lakes & Atlantic Wealth Management and Advisory Partners, Inc. (GL&A) was founded on the belief that Wirehouse Advisors and RIA’s, once given the facts, have the ability to decide for themselves both the level of service they want, and the platform they need. GL&A was created by listening to Advisors across the spectrum and developing a firm that gives them what they most asked for: A CHOICE & CONTROL Hybrid Registered Investment Advisor Firm.

Chicago Registered Investment Advisor | RIA

Experienced Management

We have assembled a highly seasoned team of industry professionals to assist our partners in every facet of their business.  Our platform is designed to be innovative and flexible to accommodate your structure and needs. GL&A provides  a custom “in-sourced” hybrid RIA solution to accommodate various products and services as needed. Our team has the right solutions for you and your clients.

“We have created a hybrid Registered Investment Advisor firm that gives like-minded Advisors the freedom to own their business, manage their practice and serve their clients while also offering the benefits of an experienced support structure.”

Craig Cmiel

Great Lakes & Atlantic